Grand Rivers Fudge Factory


I have lived in Evansville my whole life. I was a special education teacher for more than 40 years. My husband Jack’s parents live in Grand Rivers, and we would visit every weekend. One day we got the idea to open our own business in Grand Rivers. So we opened a kayak business, but about five years into that I decided I wanted to have a fun business of my own.”

We considered opening a bookstore, newsstand or bakery, but my aunt Marian Hatton had a deft hand at making fudge, and what could be more fun than that? I wanted to offer something that everybody enjoys. My aunt Marian had the equipment I use here, and she taught me her way of making fudge along with a few secrets on how to make fudge with the right gloss and consistency. She also taught me not to skimp on good quality ingredients.


We offer 25 flavors of fudge here at Grand Rivers Fudge Factory. From the very popular chocolate and peanut butter varieties to rocky road, butterscotch, lemon and more. We also offer some unusual versions such as orange dream and bubble gum that are very popular. Some of the best selling are the moonshine fudge, enhanced with real moonshine distilled at The Moonshine Company in Paducah, Kentucky. We add the moonshine after we complete the fudge, we don’t add it while it cooks,” said Reynolds. “We have a coffee version, and pecan, and a chocolate cherry that has dried cherries in it. You feel the moonshine more than you actually taste it.