Open May thru December 11am to 5pm

Grand Rivers Fudge Factory is nestled just off the beaten path in Grand Rivers Kentucky. This little fudge factory is worth the trip. With more than 25 flavors to choose from, Grand Rivers Fudge Factory has the creamiest and most flavorful fudge around. The shop is located in Grand Rivers, Kentucky near the northern entrance of Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area.

Hi we are Becky and Jack Reynolds, owners of the Grand Rivers Fudge Factory. We live in Evansville, Indiana but we spend the weekends in Grand Rivers, Kentucky. We decided years ago to open a store in Grand Rivers to take advantage of the resort atmosphere and the many craft fairs and festivals that take place in Grand Rivers each year. We also have a lot of campers, kayakers and mountain bikers who come see us from nearby Land Between the Lakes.

Meeting all the new people and seeing repeat customers that have become friends over the years is the most rewarding part of making fudge. Great tasting fudge always puts a smile on your face. I began photographing my customers a few years back so I can look back on all those happy faces enjoying our delicious fudge. It really feels good.


AND don’t forget our Rabbit Creek Dip & Cheeseball mixes, Pappys BBQ Sauces, Mo Hotta Mo Betta Hot Sauces and our Fair Trade Equal Exchange Coffees and Grounds for Hounds!